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Advertisers is the passion of its creators. We view it as a work of art and a public service. Of course, like anything worth doing, it requires money, and we monetize the content here in a variety of ways. When it comes to advertisements, we are cautious.

We have a highly engaged audience, and they take what we say very seriously. To maintain that engagement, and that trust, it is important that our advertisements do not distract from the user experience, or promote products or service that will not be of interest or benefit to them.

The main content on this website is a podcast and live video stream called SurrealPolitiks. The content is largely political, and could fairly be described as Right of center. But our view of politics is that it is not a separate category of thought and action than the rest of a person’s life. Everything we do has an impact on the culture and the economy, and that is what informs our politics. So the show covers a great deal of subject matter, and this offers a variety of promotional opportunities for many different brands.

Each podcast has a blog post associated with it, and this text is often a transcript of the opening monologue. When the subject matter under discussion gives us the opportunity to promote a product or service that we have an existing advertising relationship with, we will occasionally place a link to that product or service in the text, and mention that advertiser on the podcast. We comply with FTC advertisement disclosure policy when those ads are not otherwise obvious. You can see our FTC disclosure policy here.

To do this, we need to have an existing relationship with that advertiser when the opportunity arises. We cultivate those relationships in a variety of ways, primarily through affiliate marketplaces. If your company is featured on such a marketplace, and we do not have an existing relationship with you, or if you have an affiliate advertising program that is not catalogued on such a marketplace, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to invite us to apply.

Being primarily an audio production, the best advertising relationships offer us a promotional code for the listener to enter at checkout. A small discount combined with our endorsement is sure to get sales to that product or service. In some cases, we may offer a dedicated landing page on this site to an advertiser, and direct our users to visit that page to find your product or service. We do not endorse products that we do not have good cause to believe in. If you would like us to demo your product or service and consider an endorsement, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

As we cultivate affiliate relationships, we maintain a categorized directory of offers for our audience members to browse if they want support our production by shopping through affiliate links. If you enter into an affiliate relationship with SurrealPolitiks Media LLC, your ad will almost certainly be placed in this directory. If we do not see opportunities to promote your product or service in context, this may be the only place your link appears.

It would take some convincing to get us to accept PPC or CPM advertising. We may consider an ad banner rotation at some point, but we probably consider that ad space more valuable than you do. We find that affiliate advertising is the best advertising, because you only pay if we send you sales, and we are incentivized to limit ad placement to products or services our audience genuinely wants. There is no downside to developing these relationships.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you see an opportunity to benefit our audience.

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