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Being a quality entertainment product, SurrealPolitiks has business features built into the website, and engages in some light advertising for revenue.

Being a work of art, and a project of political advocacy, we appreciate that some of our listeners want to go above and beyond this in their financial support of the production.

The terms of our agreement with the site’s payment processor do not allow us to collect donations from audience members on this website, but there are other ways for you to contribute, which we’ll list here.

We have a GiveSendGo campaign which aims to raise $5,000/month to support this production. Using your debit or credit card, you can make a one time contribution to this campaign, or set up a monthly recurring donation. In either case, we’ll be very grateful for your support.

Click Here to Visit Our GiveSendGo Campaign

You can send checks payable to SurrealPolitiks Media LLC to

SurrealPolitiks Media LLC
497 Hooksett Road
Unit 312
Manchester, NH 03104

BTC: bc1qcg97hwdy8d463794wm0uq3np0px49acw6505gm

ETH: 0xa29441bF858c529E374960A34e16f21abc0970E8

Any Ethereum based asset supported by the Exodus wallet, such as BAT, USDC, etc, can also be sent to the above address. But you may want to inform me by email that you’ve sent it, so that I can configure my wallet to notice and make use of the asset.

LTC: LQsN4hA761RPrUNTva58nQhJ4BYsAQgYet

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I’ll take your weird designer crypto too, just contact me. 🙂