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My First Random Chat

During the May 17th 2023 Member’s Only Video Chat, I took some new equipment for a spin. I tried going on one of these websites that pairs you with a random person to talk to, and I ended up speaking for a little over 20 minutes with a very... [Read More]

Members Only Chat 20230419

I am so glad we started doing these members only chats every Wednesday at 9:30pm Eastern. We live in, interesting times, as goes the curse. Toward the end of Monday’s public show, a caller brought up recent indictments in Charlottesville... [Read More]

Members Only Chat 20230412

Today’s weekly video chat for our paying subscribers was a lot of fun. I opened it up with some updates on my legal struggles and some information about a trick the FBI tried to play on me. Then I went into the opening monologue transcribed... [Read More]

Members Only Chat 20230405

Our second weekly members only video chat took place tonight, on April 5th 2023. I think these things are off to a great start and I am grateful to all our members who participated. Among the things we discussed were RFK Jr. Running for President... [Read More]