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Here at SurrealPolitiks, we are big fans of cryptocurrency. We’re big fans of money generally, really, but cryptocurrency is perhaps the coolest money around.

Cryptocurrency combines the best features of cash and electronic payments. Value is transferred near instantly across any distance, but unlike traditional electronic payments, there is no middle man, and transactions are irreversible. To say that cryptocurrency is anonymous would be too broad a statement, but it is certainly capable of facilitating anonymity, and one can have an infinite number of cryptocurrency “Wallets” without going through the “Know Your Customer” processes associated with traditional financial institutions.

You have likely heard of Bitcoin, which is the first and most well known cryptocurrency. If you want more privacy in your financial dealings, we suggest learning more about Monero (XMR), which is our personal favorite. Other privacy privacy “coins” include ZCash (ZEC), and Dash (DASH).

It would be beyond the scope of our purposes today to tell you all about each type of cryptocurrency, but we can point you toward where to buy and how to use cryptocurrency generally.

The first thing you are going to need is a cryptocurrency wallet, and we cannot recommend the Exodus Wallet highly enough. Exodus is a multiplatform, multicoin wallet application that will run on your desktop, your smartphone, even right in your web browser, and manage all the most popular cryptocurrencies in one application. With this application you can receive, hold, and send cryptocurrency with no middle man. You can buy cryptocurrency with your credit or debit card right in the application, swap one currency for another, and much, much more.

BitPay provides another great service. BitPay offers a debit MasterCard which you can load using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others. It instantly converts your cryptocurrency into dollars which you can spend anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

To get the best exchange rates, you’ll want to join a more traditional cryptocurrency exchange, and connect your bank account for ACH transfers.

Our personal favorite is Uphold makes buying and selling cryptocurrency fast and easy, and their confirmation process is painless. Their customer support is top notch.

Here are some other great cryptocurrency exchanges you might want to check out

Cash App is a more generalized payment application, which also offers a debit card, and has cryptocurrency features as well. (You can even send me some at $EdgyChris)

Strike Payments has similar features to Cash App.

We’ll update this page from time to time. Check back soon!