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Listening Options

Listening Options

The SurrealPolitiks Podcast can be enjoyed live when it airs, or on demand, and in audio, or video form.

If you are subscribed to our email newsletter, or following us on Telegram, you will be notified in advance of live airings of the show.

During the live shows, you can watch the video stream and chat with other listeners on our Entropy Page, which will also allow you to interact with the host through paid “Super Chats”. We also host a live audio player on this site, which carries the live broadcasts when they air, and plays reruns in the off hours.

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After live shows, videos can be viewed on demand on our Rumble Channel.

The SurrealPolitiks Podcast can be enjoyed on this website, or any major (or not so major) podcast app.

We humbly suggest you try Fountain Podcasts. Fountain actually pays you in Bitcoin to listen to podcasts, without bombarding you with intrusive advertisements. It has lots of great features, and is adding more at the time of this writing.

Another great alternative is Podcast Addict. While we here at SurrealPolitiks take addiction very seriously and hope that our listeners enjoy a full life outside of their podcast listening, we can hardly think of anything better to be addicted to, and all joking aside find this application to be among the best in terms of its user friendliness.

We also recommend these two because they have not displayed the sort of Left wing interventionism that we have seen from platforms like iTunes. At the time of this writing, you can get SurrealPolitiks on any major podcast app just by searching our name, but we know that a time will come when Democrats decide we have to be censored. When that time comes, “Big Tech” will always do the bidding of the Democrat Party, as they have reliably done for so many years prior.

We believe that once a platform displays these tendencies, it is best to avoid them as much as circumstances permit.

If you don’t find us in your favorite podcast app, you can manually add our RSS feed and listen that way.