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Your Journey Begins Here

Congratulations on discovering SurrealPolitiks, as the host of the production, it is my honor to welcome you.

The basic idea behind this show is that our politics, particularly, though not uniquely, in the United States, have reached a point that could fairly be described as Surreal in that they have become disconnected from reality on account of ideological fervor. This is best demonstrated in the Left’s obsession with gender ideology, but what passes for the Right these days is hardly blameless in this unfortunate state of affairs.

We propose a Realpolitik of the Right as the solution to this, and though we try to keep the show entertaining with some humor and inspirational topics, the thrust of our purpose is to spread this notion.

By listening to the show, you’ll become better acquainted with this topic, but for now I just want to fill you in on how to go about doing this.

The public show airs live every Monday at 9:30pm US Eastern time. You can either listen to the live show, or you can download the podcast or watch the video later on, according to your preference.

On Wednesdays, we do a Members Only live video chat conference with your humble correspondent, and the audio archives of these are published for those who can’t make it but want to listen later. These are not available on your regular podcast app. You have to be logged in to the site to listen or download the episodes this way.

To watch or listen live, we have a number of options available.

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