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Our GiveSendGo Pitch

As we prepare to launch the new show, I have set up a GiveSendGo campaign for enthusiastic supporters to back us financially.

This site will have payment processing for the business features soon, but I cannot process donations through our payment processor. So if you want to give beyond your purchase,s please support us at

SurrealPolitiks is the new podcast featuring notorious Right wing media personality, Christopher Cantwell.

The brand name, pronounced “Surreal Politics” is styled with the K instead of the C to connote an overlap between the bizarre, described in our terminology as surreal, nature of the political environment in which the show is produced, and “Realpolitik” which is a political outlook based on practical rather than ethical or theoretical considerations. The idea being the promotion of a ruthless and relentless pursuit of Right wing political power, in opposition to an increasingly delusional and belligerent Leftism.

For over a decade, Cantwell has been changing minds, touching hearts, and making laughs with his unique writing style and unrivaled verbal talents. From street demonstrations, to the standup stage, to federal courtrooms, and even behind bars, Cantwell’s hard hitting analysis and sharp wit has been making headlines and rattling the nerves of America’s decaying political elite.

After his release from federal prison, Cantwell announced he would be concluding the Radical Agenda podcast, his most well known project. But he has no intention of fading from public view. SurrealPolitiks is the next Stage.

Aimed less at edgy jokes than at guiding the cutting edge of a Right wing political realignment, SurrealPolitiks will incorporate all the lessons of Cantwell’s years of experience in media and political activism, and apply this hard earned wisdom toward growing and empowering the Right.

To accomplish this, the production will be guided by these strategic elements;

  • Create compelling, humorous, and emotionally charged content that is palatable to the uninitiated, and shareable on social media.
  • Educate listeners on persuasion techniques from non-political training materials, for example from sales, leadership, and legal professions.
  • Educate and encourage listeners on self improvement techniques such as in the realms of physical fitness and financial health, through easily digested summaries of content, both new and timeless, from the most engaging subject matter experts.
  • Filter commentary through a “Good vs. Evil” narrative in which the Democrat Party is appropriately identified as the source of nearly all misery, malice, violence, and disorder, drawing no distinction between the Party and its criminal element, such as Antifa, BLM, etc..
  • Deference to Christian tradition on cultural matters, and in all competing interests between religious groups, while pressing the theme that the Democrat Party is at war with God.
  • Use all reputable and accurate sources of information to attribute blame for geopolitical catastrophes such as the Ukraine conflict, to Democrat partisans corrupting the American intelligence apparatus for their own political and financial gain.
  • Identify and call attention to subversive activity by this corrupt intelligence apparatus in the financial system, and social and mainstream media.
  • Positioning ourselves as staunchly pro-law enforcement, and attributing malfeasance by those ostensibly in the profession to corruption by partisan intelligence officers.
  • Seek alignment between the so-called “far-right” and other elements of American culture and politics, most notably Republican, conservative, and Christian groups, based on a common interest in reducing the Democrat Party to a permanent minority in Washington, DC.
  • Agitate against the current bipartisan foreign policy consensus by identifying it as partisan Democrat political strategy, and chastising as “RINOs” and subversives, those Republicans who support it. Seeking, as example of an alternative, closer ties with Russia at China’s expense. In so doing, establish and nurture international alignments against the global Left, and position the New Right as the ideological and political center of anti-war sentiment, and sustainable, coherent trade policy in the national interest.
  • Encourage domestic political involvement involvement in the Republican Party as the vehicle to overpower the Democrats.
  • Divert attention away from subversive and censored platforms like iTunes and Facebook, toward platforms friendlier to our purposes like Fountain Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Telegram, Gab, and others.

Your contribution will be used to maintain the systems and talent necessary for the production of the content, including the living expenses of the host. Your contribution will be made exponentially more more powerful by the business functions of the production. Rather than relying entirely upon patron support, the production will also monetize content through the following means;

  • E-Commerce features built into the website will offer sales of show themed merchandise such as apparel, stickers, and accessories, as well as products of interest to the audience such as books, electronics, and general use items.
  • Affiliate advertising campaigns for products and services of interest to the audience which, in addition to placement within the content, will be hosted on separate but associated websites. For example, we have already registered and, to feature promotional content on internet properties distinct from the political content, granting advertisers a degree of separation from controversy that may arise from that content. We have already secured advertising agreements with vendors associated with these themes, such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) providers, cryptocurrency services, and dietary supplement vendors.
  • Seeking other sponsorship opportunities in the form of “This episode is brought to you by…” promotions in content.
  • Members only exclusive bonus content and audience engagement features available behind a paywall feature for monthly paid subscribers.
  • Ticket sales for in person events featuring the host and associate collaborators.

Surplus revenues will be invested back into the production before elevating the living standards of the talent. These investments will include but be not limited to, expanding product inventory for E-Commerce, recruiting new talent, and investment in promotional considerations.

To spread our message and build our base of support, the content will be relentlessly promoted through a variety of methods, including but by no means limited to; 

  • Cross subject matter promotion outside of the political realm, for example making our presence felt in the content ecosystems and event circuits of themes such as physical fitness, cryptocurrency, online privacy, and outdoor activities, to name just a few.
  • Syndication through all available mediums, and relentless hostility toward mediums made unavailable.
  • Social media engagement, especially on alternative social media platforms such as Telegram, Gab, Truth Social, Gettr, Parler, Rumble, and BitChute.
  • Opt In Email list.
  • Cross promotion through collaboration with other content creators, with a special focus on cross subject matter promotion.
  • Our own affiliate advertising campaign, allowing other publishers to monetize their content by promoting our E-Commerce and Membership features.
  • Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression advertising campaigns in mobile gaming, search engines, social media, and niche markets.
  • Paid advertising on terrestrial radio, and print media.
  • Being a presence at relevant events, whether as mere attendees, featured speakers, or renting table space, with a special focus toward cross subject matter promotion.
  • Publicity stunts and other activity designed or otherwise likely to attract earned media.

Drawing on hard won experience, we will avoid traps set by rivals and other perils to our success. For example, by;

  • Showing respect for intellectual property in production of content, such as by purchasing licenses for images as opposed to the all too common practice of ripping from image searches.
  • Close coordination with law enforcement for in person events, insisting on accountable security assistance and physical separation from violent opposition groups.
  • Avoiding rhetorical hyperbole and shock humor when addressing racially charged subject matter.
  • Maintaining a public image consistent with a peaceful, patriotic, virtuous, and law abiding political movement.
  • Recognizing when discretion is the better part of valor, such as by tolerating tactical retreats both rhetorically and in physical space, when otherwise righteous confrontation would result in diminishment of our interests.

By our utilizing these strategies, your contribution will have the maximum possible impact toward salvaging the remnant of American greatness, diminishing the power of its enemies, and saving the rest of the world from the horrors that await mankind, should the Left succeed in obtaining unchallenged dominion over the American war machine.

Generous contributors will have direct access to the host, and receive first consideration for promotion of their business interests. Any sponsorship rewards offered later in the campaign will be made available retroactively to the extent practical to earlier contributors.

1% of this campaign’s contributions will be donated back to GiveSendGo. By default, GiveSendGo does not derive revenue for themselves from campaigns, passing on only their payment processing costs to the campaigns they host. Because we are appreciative of their services, and because their work is so important, we felt it right to share this meager cut with them, which is less than what other platforms charge without granting any other option.


Thank you for your consideration and your support!

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