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SurrealPolitiks Live, Every Monday at 9:30pm Eastern Time

This Monday, April 3rd at 9:30pm US Eastern Time, we will begin a regular production schedule for SurrealPolitiks.

These can be viewed on our Entropy Channel, or listened to through our live audio player.

We will aim to do this every Monday going forward, though we encourage you to stay tuned to our newsletter and Telegram Channel for updates, as this schedule may be subject to change. Changes will also be published to the Show Schedule page on our website.

This of course, is in addition to our Wednesday Members Only Chats at 9:30pm, and occasional pre-recorded releases.

If you are not yet a member, please become one today!

We also know that our listeners are high class people with substantial demands upon their time. So we make our content available on demand at the user’s convenience. Recordings of our live episodes are released as podcasts and on demand video, and we also occasionally release pre-recorded material as podcasts and members only content.

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