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We Have Fixed Some Login/Password Problems

I just fixed two big problems several people were reporting on the SurrealPolitiks website.

1. When creating an account, the system was set to email the customer a link to set their password, rather than allowing the customer to create their password during checkout.

This was problematic for a number of reasons, most notably if the email ended up in spam or didn’t get delivered.

From now on, the system will simply let the user set their password at checkout.

2. Somewhat related, the “Lost Password” function wasn’t working at all. The user would simply be redirected to the login page when clicking the link. This proved especially problematic for users who never got the aforementioned email.

This was caused by a conflict between the e-commerce system and the membership system, which in general work well together but are not made by the same developer. I had to disable one’s lost password feature for the other to work.

This is now fixed.

If you need to reset your password, Click Here.

Sorry for any trouble this may have caused you. We’ll keep improving. Thanks for reporting these bugs.

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