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SurrealPolitiks S01E007 -

I recently took some amusement at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s 60 minutes interview, in which she called the Democrat Party pedophiles. Leslie Stahl feigned bewilderment, as if this was the most outrageous thing a person could say, and stated, without evidence, that Greene had no evidence of this.

Greene responded, in essence, by saying that pushing transgenderism on kids was about as straightforward an example as one could hope to observe, and since this was anything but a secret, Stahl was predictably without a refutation.

That’s kinda how this works, you may have gathered. One of my favorite radio guys, Chris Plante, often says “the media’s most insidious power is the power to ignore”. They do a lot of that.

“Oh, you mean that evidence? Well, let’s talk about something else now…”

They’ll dedicate inordinate amounts of time trying to convince you that White Supremacy is a threat to the survival of democracy and all that is decent, and it may go without saying that this requires substantial effort. It’s not the pedophiles you have to watch out for, you see… It’s those QAnon nuts who criticize them that worry our chattering propagandists.

Perhaps they are just eager for a challenge. Disinterested in the low hanging fruit maybe. The pedophiliac tendencies of our ruling classes are simply too obvious to bother with these days, so they get energetic about things not nearly so prevalent.

Or perhaps the truth speaks less charitably to their motives.

Jeffrey Epstein’s “Private Calendar” has been published, according to the Wall Street Journal. In it, Epstein is said to have had three appointments in 2014 with then Deputy Secretary of State, who now runs the Central Intelligence Agency. They first met in Washington and then Mr. Burns visited Epstein’s townhouse in Manhattan.

There are plenty of other interesting names to speak of, but let’s stick with Mr. Burns for the time being, because the espionage angle is very interesting to me.

A convicted child sex predator meets with a high ranking government official. When power changes hands in Washington, the pedophile gets arrested again. Days before his bail hearing, the billionaire pedophile with an army of lawyers and a track record of getting sweetheart deals, commits suicide while the cameras are not working and the guards are taking a cat nap. Power changes hands again, under very dubious circumstances, and this high ranking government official now becomes one of the Administration’s top spies.  The 911 tapes pertaining to the suicide, they are mysteriously missing. The only guy on television willing to call this what it is, he gets fired.

I guess noticing this continuity of events makes me a conspiracy theorist.

While I lacked Internet access, I came across a book titled “Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Spies, Lies, and Blackmail” by Dylan Howard, and Melissa Cronin. (You can get this book through our affiliates, ThriftBooks or BooksAMillion, and we’ll get a cut of the sale).  This book drew connections between Epstein and Israel’s Mossad. Never one for a single source story, the claims were reinforced by another book “Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad” by Gordon Thomas which, you guessed it, is also available through our affiliates ThriftBooks or BooksAMillion.

I’ll invite listeners to check out our recommended reading page at, and there you will find these links I am mentioning. I’ll keep updating that page as time goes by. I’ve been meaning to do more thorough book reviews. I have read a lot of great stuff. And I’ve got some excerpts here from the two titles I mentioned.



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