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Thoughts on Beauty for Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Chat 20230705

Last night I had occasion to contemplate beauty for awhile. Hours, as it were.

I ended up binge watching videos by this female violinist named Lindsey Stirling. Turns out I have her discography up to like 2017 in my MP3 collection, but I don’t listen to a lot of music and as far as I was concerned I was seeing and hearing this beautiful and amazingly talented woman for the first time last night.

And it had sort of come on the back of something much simpler that had just happened the day before. When I was preparing for Monday’s show I wanted to find a photograph for the cover art that captured the beauty of New Hampshire.

This is no small task, as you know if you’ve ever been here, especially in the fall. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it is not worth an inch of New Hampshire.

I’m not going to give too much away in today’s pre-show teaser. I am feeling very inspired. So much so that I’ve composed more than 4,000 very eloquent words for this evening, and I intend to edit and make other preparations before we start at 9:30pm Eastern, as we do every Wednesday for our members. I hope you don’t miss this episode, I hope to get you right in the feels.

For now, I will recycle a Telegram message, in case you haven’t seen it;

I’ve tried to make a point not to complain about prison much. It’s not the image I want to present, I could have done a lot worse than I did, and it certainly wouldn’t help me any to bitch about it.

But I’ll say this as a remark about a really nice experience.

I’ve had a staggering lack of beauty in my life for a very long time, and I have not even thought to make up for it much since I’ve been home.

Undesirable though that may be, deprivation can really do amazing things for a man’s ability to appreciate things. I’m binge watching these Lindsey Stirling videos,which four years ago could have been background noise.

But watching this woman dance around in natural environments doing nothing but play the violin has probably been the most emotionally charged experience I’ve had since my sentencing….

And far more pleasant, to be certain….


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