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SurrealPolitiks S01E018 – Opportunities

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SurrealPolitiks S01E018 - Opportunities

When one attains a certain depth of understanding about politics and world affairs, it can have a psychological effect referred to in some circles as the “black pill”. This is essentially a sort of depressive state in which hope becomes hard to come by, as evidenced by real or imagined factors. It stands in contrast, as one might expect, to the “white pill” in which hopeful news is delivered, and messenger and recipient alike may do some celebrating.

There is little good news to be had in the world today, and far less of this from Eastern Europe, wherein a fratricidal war fueled by Western malfeasance rages on, and exacts a steep toll in blood and treasure from all involved. A startling reminder of how intelligence agencies have been allowed to run amok, the Ukraine conflict factors heavily into inflation in the United States and throughout the world, has destabilized food and other commodities markets, created dangerous shortages in US arms supplies, and piggybacked onto COVID hysteria as an excuse for censorship of social media, as it was recently revealed that the FBI was passing on requests from Ukraine’s SBU for social media companies to censor accounts posting disfavored information. Then there are the pregnant Ukrainian women on the front lines, and all of what might be described as the more routine horrors of warfare.

While this has been a boon to Blackrock and human traffickers (who already had a booming business in Ukraine) and other nefarious types, scarcely can anyone of good character be said to have benefited from this mayhem.

But in the midst of all this wreckage one very tasty white pill has emerged. At the recent Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, a poll was taken of attendees which asked if they favored continued US involvement in the Ukraine/Russia conflict. A stunning 95.8% said they do not favor this, a consensus nearly unheard of in conservative politics, and exceeding even Donald Trump’s 85.7% support in a poll asking who attendees favored in the upcoming Republican Presidential Primary.

Those numbers could not be more out of step with the donor class and the Mitch McConnell wing of the GOP, elements of our society more inclined to let the Democrats wreck the country than to forfeit their own positions within the Party. While Americans as a whole are more evenly divided over the Ukraine issue, and questions of degree predominate in that broader spectrum of opinion, it is clearly becoming the position of the Republican primary voter base that involvement in the Ukraine conflict is against American interests and should stop entirely.

Because of this, Republican Presidential hopefuls like Nikki Haley and Mike Pence, have signed their political death warrants by co-signing Biden’s subsidy to his financial benefactors.

At a recent event, Tucker Carlson interviewed GOP hopefuls in front of a large studio audience. “Not my concern” trended on Twitter as Mike Pence offered a poorly worded response to a question of his priorities. Carlson had listed a staggering illustration of how America is falling apart internally, and contrasted this with Pence’s support for the Ukraine conflict by saying “And that’s your concern?”.

Pence responded by saying “That’s not my concern” and the line was seized upon, arguably unfairly, by commentators who said Pence expressed a lack of concern for America falling apart.

The traction this quickly got says something in itself. Even though Pence’s words were unfairly seized upon, such is the nature of politics. Fairness has little to do with it. He was, for some time, to some number, seen as caring more about Ukraine than about America, and whatever he meant to say, that was easily believed by many Americans, and not without ample justification outside of this rhetorical error.

There is precisely zero benefit to America meddling in Eastern Europe on behalf of the Zelensky regime. If there was anything for America to be doing there, it would be to make better relations with Russia and to return to the Nixon/Kissinger strategy of playing Russia and China against each other. Biden’s failure to heed this wisdom has pushed these two powers into an alliance that threatens American hegemony, and is destabilizing the world order with results that cannot be predicted.

Republican primary voters, perhaps better than any other subset of the population, understand this. They understand also that the Bidens got rich in Ukraine through corruption, and that the Democrats’ Russia hoax was little more than an attempt to distract from their own malfeasance in Ukraine, and the SBU’s interference in American elections on their behalf. This has the effect of exposing Republicans who prostrate themselves before Zelensky in the name of “democracy and freedom” as frauds and traitors, and presents for us an avenue to power within the GOP.

Be what helps a conservative faction oust these traitors from party leadership in your area, and you will have gained a foothold within the Party. Play your cards right from there, and in a few years it would be you they curse when speaking of “the establishment”.

Whether things are awful or great, I’ve come to realize, is not absent a degree of choice on your part. While the libertarians have obviously discredited themselves and this is, contrary to some reporting, due to foundations of the ideology, their focus on economics taught me something very important. Wherever there are people making bad decisions, there are opportunities for other people to make better decisions and thereby deprive imprudent actors of resources.

That’s true in money, and that’s true in politics, and those two things, whatever anyone tells you, are inseparable.

You know, it shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but I never cease to be amazed at how thoroughly pervasive the ideology of diversity has become.

Case in point, not long ago I had cause to search for an image of “men working”. It bordered on impossible to find an image of two or more White men involved in a task without women or non-whites in the frame, on any of the image licensing services I use. I am presently browsing images for “apprenticeship” and I am currently having the same problem.

I cannot be the only person who is running into this challenge, and this, I think, presents a business opportunity. Somebody with an interest in the profession of photography should build and offer for sale collections of images that run contrary to this nonsense.

White families, White men working, White women doing wifely things, White children playing.

Say nothing of intent. Give the business a mundane race neutral name. Just use image descriptions like “White men working” – “White men in business suits shaking hands” – “White children playing” – “Happy White woman cooking” – “White couple at the altar getting married” – “White family at dinner table” etc…

I’m about certain you would have the market cornered for this, and you would be positioned to reap the rewards as marketers start seeing the bottom line effects of propagandizing their increasingly racially conscious White customers.




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