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SurrealPolitiks S01E035 – Outlaw Conservative 012

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SurrealPolitiks S01E035 - Outlaw Conservative 012

Due to a series of competing concerns, I will not be able to do a live show tonight. But I would not dream of leaving you hanging.

Fortunately, I have a great deal of old audio I have been meaning to re-release. Among these are the archives of what might be described as the predecessor to SurrealPolitiks, a show I had titled Outlaw Conservative.

Many, though not all of you, have heard this already. Still more, though again, not all, know the background. Namely that, I’ve been doing an uncensored production for a very long time and some of the consequences associated with that uncensored production made it very obvious to me there was a meaningful need for something that was more broadly palatable, while still address the issues that show sought to address.

Outlaw Conservative was my first attempt to fill that need. SurrealPolitiks, is my second go at it.

As I began to prepare this audio for you today, I was more than a little surprised myself. I had the idea in my mind that Outlaw Conservative was not very good, frankly. The show met a great deal of resistance when launched and, according to a bad habit of mine, I internalized much of that criticism.

To be sure, Outlaw Conservative was not nearly so well thought out as SurrealPolitiks. Like much of what I do, it could charitably be described as imperfect.  But there’s meaningful value here that I myself didn’t fully appreciate until pretty recently.

So what follows here are Outlaw Conservative Stage 1 Episodes 0, 1, and 2, released as a single MP3. I’ll soon publish the full archives of that production, but here is your teaser.

I’ll be back Wednesday for the live Members only show, and of course Friday for the uncensored production.

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