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SurrealPolitiks S01E036 – Trans Sharia & Stuff

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SurrealPolitiks S01E036 - Trans Sharia & Stuff

Lacking inspiration for a cohesive theme, I thought I’d rather hit a few things in quick fashion to open up the show today.

I was very amused to have a video come across my radar of a man with a mustache who had made some half hearted efforts to appear feminine. This man had recently been introduced to the Islamic religious text known as the Koran.

Given the transgender war on God and all that is decent you might expect that this fellow was averse to anything that might suggest human beings were obligated to adhere to any standard of conduct, much less one so strict as Islamists tend to profess. But this was hardly the case. He was thoroughly excited to be studying the text and his celebratory pee pee dance was kind of amusing.

I’ve said a few times over the years that you don’t actually have to worry about the sexual deviant Left taking over the world. If they succeed in destroying Western civilization, they’ll swiftly be converted to Islam and that will be the end of that. We appear to be well ahead of schedule so far as this goes, but let’s not hand it over to the guys with the bombs in their underpants just yet.

After all, if the Argentineans can elect an Anarcho-Capitalist, anything is possible. Javier Milei has little tolerance for Leftists, and while he is pretty unlikely to turn Argentina into Galt’s Gulch, to see a South American country so thoroughly reject Leftism, is a surprising bit of fresh air. Given that he is studying to convert to Judaism, I suspect he will be no Pinochet, but lacking the blood he might just tell the truth from time to time.

Derek Chauvin was stabbed in prison. He survived, thankfully. Getting stabbed in federal custody is no small matter though, even for the average criminal. Given Chauvin’s profile, he certainly should have been in protective custody or administrative segregation. There are questions now swirling as to how prison officials allowed him to come into contact with an armed prisoner.

The media, unsurprisingly, blames prison as a general matter. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has yet named the perp. Most outlets, aren’t even asking that question. The New York Times, and MSNBC, took the opportunity to continue their abolish the police routine, highlighting other incidents of prison violence, so as to subsume the unique horror of an innocent man being sent to prison for a crime that never occurred, and then stabbed by the sort criminals he had devoted his life to protecting us from.

When the perp is named, be on the lookout for his GoFundMe page. Let’s see how quickly that convicted criminal becomes a millionaire with the help of big tech. Then, when power changes hands, let’s go and have every last donor arrested for hiring an assassin to murder a police officer.

Speaking of the all but peaceful transfer of power, the Iowa Caucuses are in a mere 49 days, and while Democrats have done everything in their power to make sure there is nothing bearing any resemblance to a primary, the GOP establishment is hard at work trying to pretend there is actually a contest underway. Humorously, the 49 day countdown comes across my radar from the Drudge Report, which has largely abandoned all pretenses of being Right wing. The headline today reads “49 DAYS UNTIL FIRST VOTE: REVENGE OR REJECTION?” and as if to confess to a crime, links to a piece at NPR that is two weeks old, in which the State Media outlet tries to convince fellow Democrats that a chance exists Trump will not be president, with their own headline “Conservative voters in Iowa are open to moving on from Trump”.

Further down the page, a link was removed halfway through the day that speculated Nikki Haley might actually win the primary. Apparently that was too ridiculous for the editors even after linking to a two week old NPR piece from a supposedly conservative news site. Mitt Romney says he’d rather have a Democrat in office than Trump, which is hardly surprising given he seemed to prefer a Democrat in the White House to himself.

This has people rightly fed up. Not just here, but in Europe. The Irish have just about had it with foreigners stabbing their kids. This, as you might have guessed, is considered quite racist by some. Connor MacGregor is now under investigation by Irish authorities for daring to say he didn’t much care for violent crime either. That’s hate speech, don’t ya know?

And hate speech is a very serious problem. So says ChatGPT, the source of all knowledge and wisdom in our fallen and still further declining world. A fellow over at PJ Media tried to give the chat bot a Trolly Problem, an ethical dilemma in which it might have to kill a billion White people or utter a racial slur. Well, it didn’t say that it would kill the billion Whites, you’ll be glad to know, but it was pretty unambiguous that it would not dare utter such text.

Our boy Handsome Truth is back on the streets! After spending 25 days in a county jail in Florida, the convicted litterer is back live streaming shocking facts to consenting adults. The trash still flies freely from Florida to Washington State, needless to say, but at least there is one more red wristed thought criminal realizing his country doesn’t protect his rights anymore. I’m sure that will do much to calm the rising antisemitism our supposedly non-Jewish rulers seem to be so concerned about.

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