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SurrealPolitiks S01E041 – Token Appearance

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On the most recent uncensored production I announced I was not feeling so good, and announced via Telegram this morning that I was unlikely to be able to produce a show in time for our regular schedule.

This was largely the case, and though I remain quite ill, I did not want to leave you all hanging, especially knowing that relatively few listeners are on Telegram.

So, I hastily put this appearance together without an opening monologue, but we received some great news during the show. The Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office has been recused from one of the “burning to intimidate” cases relating to the 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is likely they’ll be recused from the remaining cases as well, though this is not 100% certain.

This follows on prior reports that the entire circuit court had been recused from the case, so now there are 100% fresh eyes on this. The conflicts of interest were many on all fronts, and it is at this point not unreasonable to hope for some semblance of justice to emerge.

Shout out to Augustus Invictus for bringing me the news during the show.


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