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SurrealPolitiks S01E047 – S Be You

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SurrealPolitiks S01E047 - S Be You

It’s clearer than ever that what I’ve been saying about Ukraine is absolutely correct. We now have admission of this from none other than the New York Times, citing numerous named and unnamed sources in a lengthy piece title “The Spy War”, which was summarized also by ZeroHedge.

According to the New York Times, during the Obama administration, the CIA formed close intelligence ties with Ukraine. This was done under the auspices of espionage against the Russian Federation, following Nuland’s 2014 coup against Viktor Yanukovych (Though we all know that they were behind the coup, so it actually started much sooner). Those ties grew much closer in 2016, under the auspices of preventing and disrupting Russian election interference, a myth no longer uttered by serious people.

Prior to the outbreak of present hostilities, the CIA had built and equipped and trained staff for 12 top secret spy bases in Ukraine. It trained and equipped a Ukrainian intelligence team known as the “Fifth Directorate”. Since the outbreak of current hostilities, two more bases have been built, and all of the rules allegedly limiting the partnership have been eliminated. Whereas once the CIA refused to do anything that could foreseeably result in fatalities, though that terminology was always inherently subject to a great deal of interpretation, under the Biden administration, the “gloves were off”. Now the CIA is helping the Ukrainians kill Russians on a routine basis.

The New York Times also notes that, after Trump’s election, his presidency was subverted from within. They were “tip toeing around Trump” as they put it, trying to keep this operation a secret from him.

But what is left out by the New York Times, and ZeroHedge, perhaps for lack of direct evidence, yet still an obvious inference, is that this was no less for the purpose of waging domestic political warfare in the United States. An intelligence agency can be expected to do no less when losing a war is the consequence. If the Ukrainian intelligence services are reliant upon foreign political support, and that support is threatened by a change in the political winds, then the survival of that country and that agency depend upon altering those political winds.

The Obama administration, John Brennan, and the neocons all understand this quite well. Even if such agreements were never explicit, they were certainly implicit, and there is certainly no question about the corrupting influence this has had when we see how much money went to Hunter Biden. Now the Biden administration is risking a nuclear war with Russia, not to protect Ukrainian Democracy, and certainly not in pursuit of any vital American interest, but to prevent the lid being blown off of this entire thing and everybody involved going to prison.

This is not the opening monologue for tonight. I’m still working on that, but I wanted to get this email out while I put the show together. Don’t miss tonight’s episode!


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