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SurrealPolitiks S01E060 – Carrying Torches

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Full speed ahead on a one way trip to clown world, a headline at ZeroHedge reads “Trans Sports Agenda: Drag Queens Carry The Olympic Torch To Launch Summer Games”.

Mr. Durden goes on to inform us that three “drag queens” one of whom is sponsored by Coca-Cola and calls himself “Ms. Martini” will be kicking off the Olympic Summer games in Paris this year by carrying the Olympic Torch.

We might briefly pause to reflect upon the absurdity of Coca Cola sponsoring anything ostensibly athletic in nature. The first thing any obese person does when they decide they need to lose weight, is quit drinking soda. This is in no small part due to the fact that near every obese person in America is that way because they drink soda.

And before we even get into the absurdity of transgenderism and it’s assault on all that is good and decent, we might briefly reflect also on what a mockery it would make of the Olympics if a real woman named “Ms. Martini” were setting things in motion. The people who make it to the Olympics likely consume quite few martinis, and for the world’s premier sporting event to be promoting alcoholism seems about what you might expect if the Olympic Committee had been taken over by a cabal of its enemies who sought to destroy it from within, a la Robert Conquest’s Third Law of Politics.

With those in mind, the rest might seem quite tame, actually. With all the booze and liquid candy promoting cirrhosis and obesity and diabetes, why not promote HIV and chemical castration? Nobody makes it to the Olympics by the use of half measures of course. To make it to the Olympics, you go full power at your goals and you never, ever stop.

This is the Left’s only admirable quality. Nothing stands in their way. In their quest to destroy mankind with as much pain and suffering as possible, they do not stop for one second to think “How will it look if we promote soda, booze, and sexual transmitted diseases at the world’s premier sporting event?”.

Like the Nike slogan, they “Just do it”

Plenty else on the radar, plus your calls.

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