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SurrealPolitiks S01E064 – Very Fine People

Play episode, a Left wing propaganda rag that poses as a fact checker, recently got around to noting that Donald Trump did not say “neo Nazis and White Supremacists” were “very fine people” after the 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This fiction had been seized upon by Left wing media for years, and was prominently featured in Joe Biden’s announcement that he would be seeking the presidency of the United States, along with video of your humble correspondent fighting at the University of Virginia in August of 2017.

It might go without saying that the center Right media is declaring victory, now having, seven years later, had their anti-racist credentials restored by the lying degenerate crooks they still, for some reason, view as our moral arbiters.

In fact, Trump had specifically stated that these “neo Nazis and White Supremacists” should be “totally condemned” and his Justice Department saw to it that they were vigorously pursued while the people who unapologetically confess to planning and initiating the violence were allowed a free hand to continue their mayhem.

And what good did that do for Trump?


What good did that do for the country?


Though he condemned the supposed bigots, Trump was nonetheless tainted with the label of being one. Fearing the consequences of this, his administration allowed criminals to terrorize this country on a routine basis, from then until Joe Biden took office.

Only as those criminals set their enmity against the Jewish State do the “fact checkers” acknowledge the fraud they helped to perpetuate for the last seven years.

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