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SurrealPolitiks S01E065 – Refusing to be Wrong

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The Supreme Court of the United States handed down some very significant rulings today, most notably, one regarding Donald Trump’s claims of immunity from prosecution.

There is some nuance to the decision, but ultimately, the Court ruled that Trump cannot be held liable for things he did in his capacity as the President. Moreover, anything connected to those duties, cannot be used as evidence against him in proceedings for conduct not viewed as part of his Presidential duties.

As you might have guessed, the Left is in hysterics. The Party of race riots and replacement level illegal immigration is fervently reminding everyone that “nobody is above the law”.

Prior to that announcement, news coverage remained saturated with talk of whether or not Joe Biden will be remain the Democrat Party’s nominee for the upcoming presidential election.

As I said on a prior broadcast, it defies belief to suggest that any of these people feigning shock at Biden’s cognitive decline are nearly so surprised as they would have us believe. Everyone who knows anything knew Joe was a mess, and the people who lied about this for the last five years had to know that they were lying.

While Democrats may want to throw Trump in prison, they certainly would make the exact same argument as he is making if Joe Biden were to end up on the business end of an indictment. So the idea that they are so surprised by the immunity ruling is equally preposterous.

But, arguably, there could be another dimension to the phenomenon. This would not really be so uncommon either, particularly in the realm of politics. I’ve seen this pathology emerge in every facet of the human condition.

Specifically, the stubborn refusal to accept that one is incorrect about a given subject, most often emerging in response to some animus against the person or group providing the correct answer.

People dig into their positions when challenged. To admit the other side was right, in this mindset, would be to forfeit all other arguments.

Trump joked during his Presidency that if he wanted to get the wall built, he should just announce he was opposed to the wall and the Democrats would promptly build it just to defy him. The crowd laughed, but there was actually a great deal of truth to this. The Left has seemingly traded in anything resembling an ideology for oppositional defiance disorder. All they have left is to be disagreeable. They have no positions, just opposition.

Their fragile coalition of “the other” ganging up against the White heterosexual male required this kind of narrow mindedness. Trying to convince gay men, white women, black folks, illegal immigrations, and gender freaks that they were all in the same boat despite having so little in common, required that they focus all their attention on a unifying enemy.

To be sure, this can reduce one’s cognitive burdens. Not much thought is required when you simply oppose everything someone else says or does. All the thinking is done for you by the opponent. He goes through the trouble of thinking things through, and you just come in and wreck everything.

We see it emerge in other contexts, notably with anti-Semites. While among them there are respectable intellectuals who have put in much prudent thought, the louder voices are those which axiomatically dismiss everything as a Jewish trick and latch on to any real or imagined signifier of Jewish influence as an excuse to declare an effort or individual all part of the “Jew World Order”.

This pathology is common enough, but it is particularly insidious within the political Left because they have essentially decided that truth itself is the enemy. Anyone who dares to say that there are only two genders, or that congressional spending might have a meaningful impact on inflation, is condemned as a moral outcast.

It’s not just that they lie as a matter of convenience, it has become a matter of duty. Their mission today is to be in perpetual defiance of all that is.

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