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SurrealPolitiks S01E034 – Boom

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SurrealPolitiks S01E034 - Boom

Given that the SurrealPolitiks audience is, comparative to their fellow citizens, so well informed and appropriately skeptical of the nonsense they are fed by less credible sources than we, it might be described as less than newsworthy for us to say that Ukraine blew up the Nordstream pipeline.

What warrants mention here today, is that the Washington post has deemed this to be the case, and while we would hardly deem a thing confirmed just because the personal plaything of Jeff Bezos deigned to say it, we do consider it a newsworthy event for such a publication to utter a truth from time to time.

The Washington Post made its bones, in some measure, under the Nixon administration. You may hear in your news consumption about a thing called “The Pentagon Papers” now and again, and if you had not heard the story being referenced prior to this, you might say to yourself “I imagine the Pentagon has many papers, to which documents do you here refer?”

Back in those fairy tale times, it was considered the duty of people who called themselves journalists to challenge the powers that be, and when the paper, and their colleagues at the New York Times, came to possess documents which shed some negative light on the conflict in Vietnam, they stood defiant and fought the government through the courts. In the end, they were legally vindicated, but this was by no means the certain outcome of their gambit at the time.

These days, you may have noticed, there is less appetite in the Press for this kind of challenge. If they do not like the President of a given cycle, they might go so far as to call for him to be executed, and they would then tout this as some sort of brave act worthy of approbation. Yet the media establishment does not seem to have the slightest curiosity about the National Security State or what has been known as the Military Industrial Complex. They have “sources” within these branches of the apparatus, and they dutifully report as fact whatever these anonymous “sources” wish for the public to believe in the course of a given day.

For this reason, when the likes of Tucker Carlson called attention to the obviousness of the fact that Ukraine had blown up the Nordstream pipelines, with certain knowledge of the US government, the Post and others dutifully dismissed this, as they do all truth, as a “conspiracy theory”.

A “conspiracy theory” is newspeak for “truths which must not be spoken”. To be sure, there are such a thing as “crackpot conspiracy theories” which may consist of frivolous dot connecting exercises of the sort a caged schizophrenic might engage in without the benefit of medication. There is also the subject of many a legal controversy, called conspiracy, wherein people do in fact conspire, and one must first form a theory of that conspiracy to prosecute or otherwise hold accountable the conspirators.

Much of what are called conspiracy theories are of the latter sort, and the likes of the Washington Post makes them out to be the former, because they are themselves conspirators in the plots of our time.

And so, when they spill the beans it is a newsworthy event. When Jeff Bezos goes “full Sammy the Bull” on his War Party partners, the discerning reader must question the motives.

In case you haven’t heard, the impetus of this diatribe is a a headline in the Post that reads “Ukrainian military officer coordinated Nord Stream pipeline attack“. In it, Roman Chervinsky, described as a “decorated 48-year-old colonel who served in Ukraine’s special operations forces” and who has “deep ties to the country’s intelligence services” is said to have managed “logistics and support for a six-person team that rented a sailboat under false identities and used deep-sea diving equipment to place explosive charges on the gas pipelines”. This follows five months after the Post reported, based on the Discord leaks of Air National Guard member Jack Teixeira, that the US had “intelligence of a Ukrainian plan to attack the Nord Stream project“.

It also comes nearly a full year after the Post described as “shoddy” Tucker Carlson’s case that the US or Ukraine had anything to do with the bombing, repeatedly. We were all supposed to believe the completely ridiculous theory that the Russian government did this, to themselves, because they are after all Russians, and Russians are always doing crazy things that no sane person would do, according to the Biden administration and their loyal scribes at the Post. If you said otherwise, you were not just stupid, you were evil. A Siberian Candidate doing the bidding of Vladimir the Terrible.

In attempting to discern the motives for this change of heart, arguably, all that has changed is that the story can no longer be ignored. The Ukrainian government has, after all, arrested the man.

But the Post has also cited numerous anonymous sources within the Ukrainian government, to say, for example, that Chervinsky “did not act alone, and he did not plan the operation” instead that he “took orders from more senior Ukrainian officials, who ultimately reported to Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s highest-ranking military officer”. The Post further claims that Zelensky was intentionally left out of the loop, and the revelation came as news to him.

And so, the Post is not just dutifully reporting on things they can no longer keep secret. Their spies in the Ukrainian government are leaking to them, and likely have been leaking to them, all along. The Post likely has some motive for relaying this information to their readers, and it is obviously not because they feel any obligation to tell the truth.

A great man once said of the newspapers, that they were “always spreading falsehood, and that if he tells the truth on certain occasions, it is only for the purpose of masking some greater deception, which turns the apparent truth into a deliberate falsehood.”

We might discern this to be the case here. Let us assume that everything the Post has told us, is true. This man managed the logistics. He did not act alone. He did not order the operation. He took orders from senior military officials. Now he is in jail for doing so.

Well, that is quite a thing. Though rarely, it has happened in war that the vanquished are put on trial by the victor for following orders. There is a preposterous maxim of International law that says some orders ought not be followed. A time when treason and insubordination become the obligations of the citizen and the soldier.

But it is rare indeed for a government to incarcerate their own for doing as they are told, and this is a sure sign that somebody is being made a target of some convenience. One is hung out to dry as a means by which to deter suspicion and protect the guilty and delay a penalty to be imposed.

Who might imagine that Volodymir Zelensky was very upset to discover that the pipelines had been blown up? Given that Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland had vowed to destroy the pipelines, does one imagine they were very upset to hear the news? Not the informed observer.

And given that the CIA knew of the plan in advance, but the Biden administration purposely lied and said there was intelligence to suggest that Russia had self inflicted this wound, it would certainly appear that there was a very intentional coverup at work. Whenever you see that something is obviously false, and the sheer absurdity of the claim is made still more obvious by the moral condemnations against those who would question its veracity, the reasonable man comes to assume that the moral lecturers are in on the lie, and that they are but wielding the scoundrel’s last resort by pretending to have standards of conduct and demanding that you assent thereto.


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