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SurrealPolitiks S01E053 – Dead Air

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SurrealPolitiks S01E053 - Dead Air

I’ve long said that radio is the medium of the Right. Left wing talk radio has never been successful because it is not a thinking man’s medium.

You cannot blame Leftists for taking issue with that. It does not speak highly to their values or their competence. They think NPR is great and that we should funnel more tax dollars to it.

George Soros has had more than a minor impact on the American media landscape, but thus far, he has been unable to change this firm fixture of the radio sphere. His fund has in recent years sought to change that, by buying up parts of Audacy and Cumulus, two major radio companies with hundreds of stations between them.

I read a pretty detailed piece about this in Semafor this morning, I’d like to read that on air and talk about it this evening.

Teasing the concept, the Soros venture is going to fail spectacularly as far as media success stories go. He might end up killing the airwaves once and for all, but he will not make people listen to Left wing talk radio, no matter how hard he tries.

An interesting element will be to see how much influence he has on existing conservative broadcasters. Will they cave to Soros pressure and alter content? Or will they take their lumps and defy their new boss?

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