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SurrealPolitiks S01E054 – Tensions

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SurrealPolitiks S01E053 - Tensions

Earlier this month, Israel launched an attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, killing a Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Israeli government has neither confirmed nor denied the attack, but even in the presence of a denial, this would be a safe bet. Lacking one, it amounts to a confession.

This was by no means lost on the Iranian government, which pledged to retaliate for the strike. That retaliation came over the weekend, in which an Israeli linked though Portuguese flagged ship was seized by the IRGC, and shortly after this more than 1500 missiles and drones were launched toward Israel with Iran claiming credit. Israel says more than 99% of the munitions were intercepted, many by American and British forces, the remainder, by the US financed “Iron Dome” system.

According to the Jewish State, there was only one Israeli casualty. A 7 year old girl killed by shrapnel from an intercepted munition.

The British Royal Air Force claims this was their biggest air battle since World War II, and world leaders are increasingly concerned that a third world war is already underway.

The US has reportedly warned Israel that if they retaliate against Iran for the strike, they will be doing so on their own, which is comical given what we know about the Israeli survival strategy. It might well be the case that US forces decline to accompany Israel on an Iranian invasion, but it is beyond clear that the United States and Europe will send their forces into harm’s way to defend the Jewish State. If Israel invades another country, and American forces defend Israeli territory, then Israel can hardly be said to be acting alone in any war it opts to wage, especially as it does so with primarily American financing and weaponry.

Israel exists on the whims of American politicians, who in turn maintain their positions at the whims of people whose primary interest is in the interests of Israel. Deprive Israel of American military support, and the neighbors they habitually kill won’t take much time to rid themselves of a belligerent neighbor.

It’s hardly news to say any of this, save for the recent strikes. This state of affairs has persisted longer than most listeners have been alive.

A bizarre eschatological interpretation of the bible taught to many well intentioned Christians holds that the Jewish people must reside in Israel for Jesus to return for the end of the world. Upon his coming, the Jews will be converted to Christianity and God will set the world right. For those that believe this nonsense, protecting Israel is the duty of every Christian, and sending their sons and daughters to die in defense of those most hostile to their interests at home is a small price to pay for the coming of this prophecy.

I am no expert on the details of this. Others have done a better job of examining it than I can endeavor to do today. What I can say is that the most well informed Christians I know, call this utter nonsense, and of course those with less use for the Bible are disinclined to make investments in the return of Jesus Christ.

A synergy exists between those duped into pursuing this interpretation of the Bible, and what John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt referred to as “The Israel Lobby” in their excellent book by that title. Mearsheimer and Walt published that book in 2007, and I’d get around to reading it a decade later while held in the custody of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail. For nearly 500 pages, the book explains the plethora of well financed groups that lean on every pressure point the US government has, to keep the Jewish State as America’s top foreign policy concern.

Beyond direct aid, the United States supplies billions of dollars in “loan guarantees” to Israel, which never show up as expenditures in any government budget. This chicanery allows the Israelis to borrow money at lower interest rates than they otherwise could, with the certainty that in the worst case scenario, the United States will repay the debt. But even if the Israeli’s do pay their bills, as can be expected given their wealth and the generous subsidies America provides, these still cost US taxpayers money, in the form of increased borrowing costs for the United States, since these loan guarantees count against our credit rating.

Voice any criticism of this, and these groups will wage a slander campaign against you to call you an anti-Semite. Upon this, powerful people either become anti-Semites in actuality, or they go to Israel on an all expenses paid trip, visit the Western Wall, put on a kippah, and engage in some Jewish religious rituals. As they do, the cameras roll for the hostage footage. The footage is then shown as a warning to others, who might dare to offer some criticism.

Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Kevin McCarthy, these are just a few of the prominent names to be featured in these propaganda films.

What becomes obvious to any observer with a 3 digit IQ is that we are not being told the whole story when these hostage videos are taken. We are expected to believe that these powerful folks just saw the light of Israel’s righteousness, and decided to wear the foreign decorations of an alien religion because that was the right thing to do. But the uniqueness of this ritual is so conspicuous to the sane man, that some underlying blackmail or extortion is obviously motivating the hostage to pay his role in the propaganda.

Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire spilled the beans on at least part of the motive. Nuclear extortion. According to Shapiro, if the United States does not do everything Israel wants, then Israel will use nuclear weapons to destroy its neighbors, and the only way to prevent the nuclear end of the world, is to do what Israeli politicians want done.

How long does anybody really think that can continue? It has been quite a while. People have been largely accepting of this arrangement for as long as I have been alive. But attitudes are shifting away from this.

A poll taken by CNN subsequent to the October 7th 2023 attacks by Hamas against Israel showed that “Half of Americans (50%) say that the Israeli government’s military response to the Hamas attacks is fully justified, another 20% say it’s partially justified and just 8% that it is not at all justified, with 21% unsure.”

A new CBS News/YouGov poll found that 37 percent of surveyed Americans want Biden to encourage Israel to stop its military actions in Gaza — slightly up from the 31 percent who said the same in February. Another 23 percent said in the new poll that Biden should encourage Israel to decrease its military actions in Gaza. That’s 60% against what Israel is doing, and the fact that politicians who purport to be democratically elected ignore this, really tells you important things about our government.

It is nothing short of comical that I had trouble finding it as I wrote this up today, but there’s a leaked recording of Jonathan Greenblatt from the ADL saying that Israel has lost the support of America’s youth. In that recording he said that the divide over Israel in the United States is not Left vs. Right, but young vs. old. Generally speaking, older people are more supportive of Israel, and younger people less so.

That predicts a very dire future for a country whose existence is secured entirely by foreign support. Israel can throw America’s weight around today. She can bully her neighbors and make belligerent demands. She can do these things and watch as the cowards who govern and influence us bend to their every whim.

But that survival strategy has an expiration date, and it is fast approaching.

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