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Advertisement Policy is the passion of its creators. We view it as a work of art and a public service. Of course, like anything worth doing, it requires money, and we monetize the content here in a variety of ways.

The content is primarily monetized through our own e-commerce and membership functions. Our most enthusiastic readers and listeners also go above and beyond by donating to fund this production.

We also do some light advertising. Because we want to maximize user enjoyment, we are very cautious in ad placement. We do not use Google AdSense or other ad rotation services. Instead, we have carefully chosen relationships with certain brands which we think will be of genuine interest to our audience.

For our readers who wish to support our production by shopping through our affiliate links, we maintain a categorized offers directory. In that directory the reader will find links to merchants with whom who we have an affiliate advertising relationship. This means that when you do business with that merchant, SurrealPolitiks Media LLC benefits in some way, usually through a payment facilitated by an affiliate marketplace.

When a subject under discussion offers an opportunity to mention one of these brands, we try to do so, tastefully. This may be through mentions of the product during our audio and video releases, or it may be in the form of a hyperlink in the text of content, or through a banner advertisement somewhere on the site. The Federal Trade Commission requires us to disclose these relationships to combat deceptive advertising, unless it is obvious that the content is an advertisement. You more than likely clicked this link as a result of one such disclosure, which will usually take the form of a parenthetical comment like (ad disclosure).

We understand the need for this policy, but we wish to assure our audience members that we will only promote brands we have reason to believe will genuinely improve the experience of our audience. For those who are familiar with our work, this goes without saying. There are better ways to make money, and greed is not what drives us.

If you have any questions, or if you have a negative experience with any of our advertisers, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have a product or service which you think might be of interest to our audience, please visit our Advertisers page and get in touch.

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